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SONY SDX700V AIT3 SCSI Internal Tape Drive 100/260GB

Price: $1,490.00
Item Number: SDX700V
Manufacturer: Sony
Manufacturer Part No: SDX700V
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Key Features
High capacity tape storage : Sony AIT-3 tape drives deliver up to 260 GB capacity (with 2.6:1 compression) in a compact 3.5-inch form factor.
Fast data transfer rates : Sony AIT-3 tape drives offer high data transfer rates of 12.0 MB/s native and 34 MB/s with 2.0:1 compression for today's most demanding data storage environments.
Backward Compatibility : Sony AIT-3 tape drives are fully backward read and write compatible with both AIT-2 media, 36 GB and 50 GB data cartridges, and AIT-1 media, 25 GB and 35 GB data cartridges. Backward compatibility helps protect your investment in the valuable data you already have stored on previous generation AIT data cartridges, while delivering the increased capacity and performance of AIT-3 technology.
High reliability : Sony AIT tape drives incorporate a redesigned head geometry, reducing head/tape pressure and delivering up to 50,000 hours of head life. The built-in Super Head Cleaner mechanism results in an industry leading MTBF rating of 400,000 POH.
Remote Memory-In-Cassette (R-MIC) : A 64 kbit memory chip embedded into the data cartridge provides high speed file location and file access.