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SDLT Cleaning


DriveCapacity (GB)InterfaceData Rate (MB/s)DateMedia
TK50/TZ30 0.1 proprietary/SCSI 0.045 1984 CT I
TK70 0.3 proprietary 0.045 1987 CT II
THZ01/DLT260/Tx85 2.6 DSSI/SCSI 0.8 1989 DLT III
THZ02/DLT600/Tx86 6 DSSI/SCSI 0.8 1991 DLT III
DLT2000/Tx87 10 Fast SCSI-2 1.25 1993 DLT III
DLT2000XT 15 Fast SCSI-2 1.25 1995 DLT IIIXT
DLT4000/Tx88 20 Fast SCSI-2 1.5 1994 DLT IV
DLT7000/Tx89 35 Fast/Wide SCSI-2 5 1996 DLT IV
DLT8000 40 Fast/Wide SCSI-2 6 1999 DLT IV
SDLT 220 110 Ultra-2-Wide SCSI 11 1998 SDLT I
SDLT 320 160 Ultra-2-Wide SCSI 16 2002 SDLT I
SDLT 600 300 Ultra-160 SCSI/FC 2Gb 36 2004 SDLT II
SDLT 600A 300 GbE (FTP, HTTP) 36 2005 SDLT II
DLT-S4 800 Ultra-320 SCSI/FC 4Gb/SAS 60 2006 S4
DLT-S4A 800 GbE (FTP, HTTP) 60 2007 S4
Value line
DLT1 40 Fast/Wide SCSI-2 3 1999 DLT IV
DLT-VS81 40 Fast/Wide SCSI-2 3 2001 DLT IV
DLT-VS160 80 Ultra-2-Wide SCSI 8 2003 VS1
DLT-V4 160 Ultra-160 SCSI/SATA/USB[2] 10 2005 VS1


NameFormats (GB)ColourSupported by (ro=read only)
CompacTape I 0.1 Grey TK50/TZ30, TK70 (ro)
CompacTape II 0.3 Grey TK70
DLTtape III 2.6, 6, 10 Light brown DLT260/600, DLT2000/2000XT/4000/7000
DLTtape IIIXT 15 White DLT2000XT/4000/7000/8000
DLTtape IV 20, 35, 40[a] Dark brown DLT4000/7000/8000, DLT1/DLT-VS80[a], SDLT220/320 (ro)
Cleaning Tape III 20 cleans Beige DLT2000/2000XT/4000/7000/8000
SDLTtape I 110, 160 Dark green SDLT220/320, SDLT600 (ro), DLT-S4 (ro)
SDLTtape II 300 Dark blue SDLT600, DLT-S4 (ro)
DLTtape S4 800 Dark purple DLT-S4
SDLT Cleaning Tape 20 cleans Light grey SDLT220/320/600, DLT-S4
DLTtape VS1 80, 160 Ivory/Black VS160, DLT-V4, SDLT600 (ro)
DLT VS Cleaning Tape 20 cleans Brown DLT1, DLT-VS80
DLT VS160 Cleaning Tape 20 cleans Light grey DLT-VS160, DLT-V4

a DLTtape IV can support both DLT4000/7000/8000 and DLT1/DLT-VS80 for full functions; once DLTtape IV media has been written to or formatted in a DLT7000/8000 drive, this media cannot be read, written to, or formatted in a DLT1/DLT-VS80 drive unless it is degaussed. Once the media has been written to or formatted in a DLT4000 drive, the media cannot be written to or formatted in a DLT1/DLT-VS80 drive unless it is degaussed but it can be read. This is because the DLT1/VS series use a different recording format that is not fully supported by the other family.

Tapes written in value series drives can typically be read in (and often written to) higher end drives of a similar vintage, so long as the drive's technical specifications contain interoperability options.